The aim of the CAREAVR registry is to assess the incidences of pre and post-operative AF, strokes, TIAs and systemic embolisms; major bleeds, postpericardiotomy syndromes and all-cause mortality in patients undergoing isolated aortic valve replacement with a bioprosthesis. Identifier: NCT02626871


  • Turku University Hospital, coordinating center: PI Tuomas Kiviniemi, Prof Fausto Biancari, Cardiac surgeon Markus Malmberg, Research coordinator Tuija Vasankari, MD Joonas Lehto
  • Helsinki University Hospital: Prof Tuomo Nieminen, Cardiac surgeon Leo Ihlberg, BM, PhD Samuli Salmi, BM Otto von Hellens, BM Jyri Savolainen, BM Anna Nissfolk
  • Oulu University Hospital: Prof Fausto Biancari, Cardiac surgeon Fredrik Yannopoulos
  • Kuopio University Hospital: Prof Juha Hartikainen, Cardiac surgeon Teemu Riekkinen, BM Maunu Nissinen

Thromboembolisms related to post-operative electrical cardioversions for atrial fibrillation in patients with surgical aortic valve replacement.
Kiviniemi T, Malmberg M, Biancari F, Hartikainen J, Ihlberg L, Yannopoulos F, Riekkinen T, von Hellens O, Lehto J, Nissinen M, Airaksinen KJ, Nieminen T.
Eur Heart J Qual Care Clin Outcomes. 2018 Apr 1;4(2):120-125. doi: 10.1093/ehjqcco/qcy003.

Occurrence and Classification of Cerebrovascular Events after Isolated Bioprosthetic Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement: A Competing Risk Analysis of the CAREAVR Study.
Joonas Lehto, MD, Markus Malmberg , MD, PhD, Fausto Biancari, MD, PhD, Juha Hartikainen, MD, PhD, Leo Ihlberg, MD, PhD, Fredrik Yannopoulos, MD, PhD, Teemu Riekkinen, MD, PhD, Anna Nissfolk, MD, Samuli Salmi, PhD, Maunu Nissinen, BM, Juhani Airaksinen, MD, PhD, Tuomo Nieminen, MD, PhD & Tuomas Kiviniemi, MD, PhD, FESC
Structural Heart. 2018 2:2;157-63.